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This Dr. Hauschka brand campaign celebrated pure flower power with product and image films.



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Every Dr. Hauschka product contains the power and diversity of medicinal plants. We are making this flower power the core of the brand campaign in the first half of 2021. The strategy, concept, idea, key visual and a large proportion of the editorial content for the ‘Summer of Love’ come from us, as do the storyboards of one image film and three product films, which Andreas Weber, brand consultant and creative director at Stan Hema, also directed.

The films are a tribute to freedom, joie de vivre, diversity, nature and community. Andreas also accompanied the casting of the three young, international characters: in an authentic way, Anais, Edith and Kaya get to the heart of their personal definitions of beauty and self-care for Dr. Hauschka.

Film projects cannot be completed alone: we have a lot of people to thank! We Are Social Studio helped with the production; Andreas Waldschütz stood behind the camera and did the editing; Lukas Rotter took pictures; Studio Fjuhl built the set; Giovanni Berg composed the music; Karim Sattar and Isabel Maria Simoneth took care of the hair and make-up; and Wibke Deertz was responsible for the styling. We had so much fun with you! And, of course, as always: thank you to the Dr. Hauschka team for the ideas – it was great batting ideas back and forth with you!

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Andreas Weber
Brand consulting, Managing director