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Dr. Hauschka Verpackung und Produktsortiment in der Übersicht

From the Swabian Alb to the Hollywood Hills.



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As the responsible brand agency, we have placed one of the most important G-Beauty brands on the international market with Dr. Hauschka.

Stay true to yourself! We supported Dr. Hauschka in its development from a national to a global brand on this basis. In concrete terms this means: Nature. Different. Effective. Right from the start.

Dr. Hauschka Logo mit Prägung und Druckveredelung

“German Beauty”, natural cosmetics from Germany, is a worldwide trend. Dr. Hauschka is a pioneer of this clean beauty revolution. The brand, which belongs to WALA Heilmittel GmbH, thinks holistically and acts fairly. It has been producing cosmetics in Bad Boll for more than 50 years. It actively works for a healthy environment and a just society. Medicinal plants are still cultivated and harvested by hand in its own organic garden. Raw material suppliers in Africa and Asia receive a fair wage.

Dr. Hauschka Hausschrift Viacultura entwickelt von Stan Hema
Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik Verpackungen in der Übersicht

We have been the responsible brand agency for more than a decade. What began with an order to redesign the packaging, the corporate design and the naming, now includes strategic consulting, creative direction and editing. Our common goal has always been the international market. To that effect, we have defined the values, re-sorted the product range and organised global workshops for marketing and sales.

Dr. Hauschka Verpackung und Produktsortiment in der Übersicht
Dr. Hauschka Magazin Ausgabe 1 und Ausgabe 2
Dr. Hauschka Magazin Doppelseite Dr. Hauschka Magazin Doppelseite Selfcare-Tag mit Julia Dalia
Dr. Hauschka Magazin Doppelseite Inhalt Dr. Hauschka Magazin Doppelseite Das Gold der Frauen
Dr. Hauschka Magazin Doppelseite Auftritt der Königin Dr. Hauschka Magazin Doppelseite East Coast Beauty

Since then, strategy, design and editorial work have supported product launches in an integrated manner. We observe the market, analyse and advise. Develop new digital and analogue concepts to attract and retain customers. Devise, write and design theme booklets. Coach, support and regularly visit Eckwälden to get to know the product pipeline and understand what Dr. Hauschka needs even better. We often help out in the garden. This is also how our idea of linking the brand directly to its target group through immersion was born: through direct contact and intensive exchange with young initiators, influencers and decision-makers, we have developed a deep understanding of the world of female millennials, the strategic target group.

Dr. Hauschka Präsentation und Moderation Kosmetikevent moderiert von Andreas Weber, Kreativdirektor Stan Hema

It was already clear to Dr. Hauschka and to us in 2010 that the market and society will, and should, change. While other brands had to learn to put the needs of people and nature at the centre of their activities first, this perspective is part of Dr. Hauschka’s DNA. This makes the brand both authentic and valuable. And that’s why we and Dr. Hauschka can work so well together.

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