Art with a price tag.



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  • Vision/Mission

Auctions are rarely hot spots for people under 40. Grisebach’s assignment to Stan Hema was therefore clear: Open our traditional auction house to a younger audience that is interested in art but does not attend auctions.

We strategically refined the brand with new positioning and a new corporate design. It is now more rigorous, clear, joyful and focused on its core. Grisebach brought a lot to the table for this facelift: a lively, light atmosphere, exciting events and a team of experts and auctioneers who share their knowledge in a casual and candid manner.

Today, Grisebach sees itself as a modern alternative concept to the classic auction house. The website we conceived, designed and technically implemented makes this just as clear as our catalogues, advertisements and multi-channel communication measures.


The Grisebach design is created in such a way that other graphic designers can also work with it independently and efficiently on a daily basis. The best guarantee for the brand’s long-term vitality and attractiveness.

Novel. Fresh. Alive.

Contact person

Mathias Illgen
Brand consulting, Managing director


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