Hessen Film & Medien

Bright colours, high contrasts and big emotions.


  • Hessen Film & Medien
  • 2023
  • Website


  • UX/UI
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity

Hessen Film & Medien stands for artistic courage, the promotion of young talent, diversity, social and ecological sustainability, and transparent structures. It networks with local associations and institutions and promotes Hessian film culture through its work with cinemas, festivals and archives. And at the centre of everything it does: a passion for film. In the new corporate design for one of Germany’s most progressive film sponsors, Stan Hema makes this passion visible with purposeful visuals: strong colours and contrasts, striking typography and strong cinematic imagery.

In the first phase of 2021, our designers created the corporate design, including design guidelines for the logo, colours, font, business cards and letterheads. From this, they developed a website that builds on the inherent characteristics of Hessen Film & Media: clear, approachable, extroverted and artistic. In terms of realisation, this meant a user-friendly UX design, transparent content, simplified application processes for filmmakers and an extravagant font (Natural Grotesk by Non Foundry) with the unique branded ‘&’ sign that ensures recognition in the visual ecosystem. Large-scale film stills and trailers project the emotions of the cinema screen onto the entire website.

For holistic brand development, we defined the appropriate brand language as a counterpart to the visual identity. The result: a tone of voice with matching micro and UX copy that provides orientation and reading pleasure.

The cross-trade process was co-created with the developers at Team neusta. The new design celebrated its premiere at the Berlinale 2023.

Contact person

Arik Hohmeyer

Dorothee Kaser
UX Strategy


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