How much of an image does a city need?

Peer Hempel
September 10, 2020

A question asked for topical reasons keyword: Berlin brand. Nine answers from Stan Hema designers.

A city’s image should stand as stimulation for free thoughts, new inspiration and associations of togetherness and individuality.
Salina Gandji
UI Design

Even the best image does not turn a backwater into a metropolis.
Peer Hempel

A city only needs as much of an image as its profile.
Wolfram Kornemann

A city’s image should create a framework but not boundaries to enable lots of people to identify with it but also each individual.
Sally Paschmann

A city should not have to explain itself using its image. It should tell a story and provide scope for new stories.
Kathleen Raasch

A city’s visual appearance is like a citizen service centre – in the best case it represents the residents’ needs and interests, usually it appears bureaucratic and restrictive.
André van Rueth

For citizens to be able to identify with their living space, a city needs a flexible image that stands for diversity and openness.
Finn Rodenberg

Only as much as its existing media where it can unfold. So first and foremost, typographically clear and accessible – but still unmistakable and sophisticated.
Mathias Schulz
Brand strategy

Ideally, the image reflects the city’s temperament and spirit 100%.
Andreas Weber
Brand consulting, Managing director

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