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A sustainable family business operating in a restrictive market dominated by wholesalers: How can you further develop this kind of brand successfully? And manage generational change and digitisation along the way? Bette is a good example of both.

The magazine brand eins puts it succinctly: “Germany’s family-owned companies have survived crises, wars, and disagreements among their owners. And now they are facing their greatest test.” Digitisation and generational change at the same time. It was no different at Bette. The family business has been producing high-quality architectural bathroom elements made of purely natural glazed titanium steel with a 30-year guarantee since 1952. Several of the sustainable products carry the Red Dot Design Award for elegant design. They are made by a team with some members working for Bette in the third generation. We have been providing comprehensive support for the Delbrück-based company’ development since 2016 with consulting, coaching, strategic, creative, editorial services and stunning visuals.

Thilo C. Pahl took over the management from his father Fritz-Wilhelm during this time. Bette has opened up to new themes, formats and channels, is communicating content and not just products, and is therefore addressing end consumers, designers and architects for the first time. And is working online and offline with a new corporate design, a new visual world and a new verbal identity that are sustainable. The marketing and sales teams have grown, they now work closely together on equal terms and are driving change, together with management. A great deal has been accomplished. But there’s no standing still. Further campaigns and measures are in the pipeline, as well as new digital distribution channels. What’s important?


None of this happens overnight. This radical change requires the people at the company to have confidence and trust in us, the brand agency. We have built this up through a permanent team that regularly spends time at the company. In production, on trips with the sales department, at meetings and workshops with management and various team members, before product launches and at trade fairs. This is how we as a brand agency could rest assured that the pace of change was right. The right amount of momentum, a profound understanding of the market and the value universe at this traditional family business.

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