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Open to the world through closeness. We developed the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin brand further with this in mind. We were fascinated by the close bond between the orchestra and its charismatic principal conductor Robin Ticciati. But also how strongly the musicians’ creativity is influenced by Berlin and how they leave their mark on the city. They are as awake and alive as the metropolis and the people they play for.

We have simplified the logo. It is more robust, more compact, and therefore more legible and modern. We do not use it as a sender, but as an information carrier that accentuates the DSO’s strong and independent personality. Fitting for an orchestra that mixes up the highly ritualised concert business with casual concerts, flash mobs, unusual venues and formats.

Cover Saisonvorschau 20/21 auf Beton in Berlin
Doppelseite der Saisonvorschau 20/21 mit weißer Schrift auf rotem Hintergrund und Chefdirigent und Künstlerischer Leiter Robin Ticciati Inahltsverzeichnis der Saisonvorschau 20/21 mit schwarzer Schrift und Foto
Kalender der Saisonvorschau 20/21 mit schwarzer Schrift Doppelseite der Saisonvorschau 20/21 mit roter Schrift und Foto

With the 2020/21 season design we show the DSO as it is: eager to experiment, committed, curious. It is “present” and takes a stance. Musically, but also as part of the urban society.

The photographer Jörg Brüggemann from Ostkreuz was our preferred partner. We were able to create a series of photos for the season with him, which is a strong part of the branding. We were out and about with Jörg for four days with the musicians and Robin Ticciati in Neukölln, Mitte, and Charlottenburg. Always in the settings of the orchestra’s different venues. This resulted in photographs full of closeness, familiarity and joy. Life instead of staging.

The DSO turns almost 100 strong egos into a strong we. We express this with the brand’s further development. It does justice to the essence of the DSO Berlin and shows its nature.
Andreas Weber
Brand consulting, partner

Bildwelt der neuen Saisonkamapgne

The season brochure, subscription and concert communication are characterised by the Whyte font, which is so strong that it confidently gives the DSO red colour enough freedom. We do without decorations as often as possible. All the important information has the same visual relevance.

Abokampagne der Saison 20/21 mit Bild und Schrift

The Whyte font from Dinamo takes up space. It is strong, loud and present. Despite this, it has details that appear very sensitive and gentle. It is a font for “now”. All of this fits extremely well with the DSO and its understanding of music as something that has an obligation to surprise and move.
Kathleen Raasch

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