Turbine Kreuzberg

Turbine Kreuzberg Bildwelt und Einzelporträts Employees

An employer brand that works. Because it strengthens the essence of the team.


  • Turbine Kreuzberg
  • 2017–2018
  • Website


  • Brand Strategy


  • Visual Identity
  • Verbal Identity
  • UX/UI


  • Vision/Mission

When IT folk stick the new appearance, which you as a designer developed for their brand, over the label of their beloved Club Mate, you know that everything was done right! The Turbine Kreuzberg team drinks, wears, sticks, posts, communicates and lives their new brand and this identification speaks for the quality of our work.

The Kreuzberg team are sought-after specialists for e-commerce and are on the ascent towards the status of tech company. They are growing strongly; however, the team wanted to score more points in the battle for developers, consultants and engineers.

Hence, the aim was to develop an employer brand whose charisma shines brightly within the company and that nevertheless expresses Turbine’s expertise externally. This is feasible for us only if the employer has a clear, stable picture of itself, its vision and its mission. Hence, in workshops, we generated precisely this “That’s who we are! moment” with Turbine Kreuzberg.

Turbine Kreuzberg Basiselemente für das Corporate Design

In an agile process and in collaboration with a great team from Turbine Kreuzberg, we developed a user-centred design system. The system is flexible and expandable; as a result, the Turbine collective can use the design principles of the brand simply and quickly in analogue and digital space.
Salina Gandji

New things emerged from the progressive self-image in an agile development process: attitude, tonality, pictorial language, content concept, writing guidelines and an appearance. Visitors to the website developed by us also benefit from its user-friendliness and its healthy dose of Turbine Kreuzberg identity.

We did not impose the brand on Turbine Kreuzberg but defined it based on the team. Now it is a powerful part of its being.

The entire team at Turbine Kreuzberg trusted me and was amazingly open. This was the basis for strong and situational photographs that are one hundred percent authentic. The images underline the very nature of the company: powerful, modern and transparent.
Hanna Becker

Turbine Kreuzberg Bildwelt und Einzelporträts Employees
Turbine Kreuzberg Bildwelt und Einzelporträts Employees Turbine Kreuzberg Bildwelt und Einzelporträts Employees und Szenarien
Turbine Kreuzberg Bildwelt und Einzelporträts Employees Turbine Kreuzberg Bildwelt und Einzelporträts Employees

How should an employer brand work or look? It should be as accessible and robust as possible so that staff can work and engage with it simply and easily – staff will identify most strongly with a brand they have shaped themselves.
Wolfram Kornemann

Turbine Kreuzberg Merchandise Pullover, Flaschen, Mützen und Beutel Turbine Kreuzberg Merchandise Beutel
Turbine Kreuzberg Merchandise Sticker auf einem Laptop

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Brand consulting, Managing director


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Pictures define identity.

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